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September Updates on Cycle Enfield

The A105

The council plans to commence implementation on this immediately. It received over 1600 objections during the ‘Statutory Consultation’ – an unprecedented volume of objections – on 85 different issues. One of the objections was from Arriva buses – this in and of itself should have been enough to prompt a public inquiry. But in the People’s Republic of Enfield we are apparently to be denied this legal requirement.

SOGL has applied to the Court of Appeal to overturn the High Court’s refusal of a judicial review. SOGL has asked the court to direct Enfield to hold an independent public inquiry and also to consider imposing an injunction on Enfield to halt implementation of the cycle lanes scheme.

In the meantime the Opposition has demanded a call-in debate on this issue. It will be held next Thursday, Sept 8th at 7.30pm in the Civic Centre. We would very much encourage you to attend and witness the delight that is Cllr Daniel Anderson in full denial mode. You can read the paper that the opposition group has submitted here: Call in Cycle Enfield A105. Or you can wait and read an account of the meeting with extra added sarcasm, on the 9th.

Enfield Town and Southbury Road

The Council is discussing the ‘feedback’ from the consultations on Enfield Town and Southbury Road with TfL. We have been unable to get any information out of LBE about the discussions, but there are rumours that TfL do not want to allow any significant changes to either scheme. During the ‘Statutory Consultation’ for the A105 scheme we thought the council had changed its mind about removing the northbound bus lane along London Road. How could we have been so stupid?! It now transpires that it hasn’t been changed, it’s been removed from the A105 scheme and transferred to the Enfield Town scheme! Here’s the wording of Paul Rogers’ email:

Originally, we planned to remove the northbound bus lane on the approach to Cecil Road/Genotin Road as part of the A105 scheme. We now plan to remove it as part of the Enfield Town scheme. 

I trust this clarifies the situation.

Oh that certainly clarifies the situation, Paul!

A1010 (North)

In the meantime residents along the A1010 (North) could do with your support. You may recall that the A1010 (South) scheme was extended past its initial closure date to get more responses. The fact that at that point the vote showed the majority (54%) being opposed to the scheme must surely be a coincidence? Following the extension the Enfield Cycling Campaign tweeted that ‘we need help to save this scheme’ which resulted in the following voting pattern after the consultation ended:

Residential status Support Partially support Do not support Total
Within Enfield % 39.4% .5% 53.7% 307
Outside of Enfield % 70% 1% 18.6% 70
Total (N) 170 21 178 377

The council has reported this as:

45% support, 6% partially support and 47% do not support. Doubtless they will try to tell us this means that 51% support the scheme.

The A1010 (North) has just three more weeks to run. Please help residents to fight off this scheme. If implemented it will mean the loss of 162 parking spaces for residents and businesses along with the removal of bus lanes, the removal of right turn ‘pockets’ so that all cars and buses have to wait behind right-turning vehicles, and a reduction in the Hertford Road/Southbury Road junction capacity of 10-15%. Just as with the A105 the council proposes to remove all the yellow lines and hence all the off-peak parking that is essential to the many take-aways and restaurants along that road in order to introduce the cycle lanes. There is one way in which this scheme is even worse than that for the A105 – at some points, including some bus stops, the cycle lanes will be at pavement level. So there will not even be one of the infamous ‘bus boarders’ to (allegedly) slow down cyclists.

A guide to the changes can be found here: A1010 north

You can take part in the consultation here: https://www.consultations.cycleenfield.co.uk/traffic-and-transportation/a1010-north-scheme/consultation

Obviously it’s best if you can write your own responses but if you’re short of time you will find some copy and paste answers (based on the details in the guide, above) for the various sections of the route here:

Comments for Map 1 A1010N

Comments for Map 2 A1010N

Comments for Map 3 A1010N

Comments for Map 4 A1010N

Comments for Map 5 A1010N

Comments for Map 6 A1010N

Comments for Map 7 A1010N

Comments for Map 8 A1010N

Comments for Map 9 A1010N

Comments for Jct Southbury & Ponders End

Joining ETRA

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Associate members – residents who live just outside our area but who want to be kept informed and attend our meetings – can join for the reduced fee of £2 per household.

If you have any comments or queries you can email us on enfieldtownresidentsassoc@gmail.com


From the vaults….

You can read our newsletters here:  ETRA Newsletter June 2015 ETRA Newsletter 06 July 2015 ETRA Newsletter 100715  Enfield Town NL 170715  ETRA Newsletter 180815 ETRA newsletter 230815 ETRA newsletter030915 ETRA Newsletter 10 October 2015  ETRA Newsletter 161015 ETRA Newsletter 06.11.15 ETRA Newsletter 13.11.15 ETRA newsletter 271115 ETRA newsletter 041215 ETRA newsletter 111215  ETRA newsletter 171215  ETRA Newsletter 080116 ETRA newsletter 150116 ETRA Newsletter 210116 ETRA newsletter 290116 ETRA newsletter 050216 ETRA newsletter 110216 ETRA newsletter 1910216


The Conservative group submitted an Opposition Priority Business paper for debate at the Council meeting held on the 28th January. You can read the paper here: Cycle Enfield OPB paper

Despite the very many flaws in the A105 consultation and the overwhelming response to the David Burrowes’ referendum the Council voted to continue with the disastrous scheme for the A105. Here are the latest plans: A105 plans Feb 2016 Below are links to the economic, environmental and equalities impact assessments conducted for that scheme that were circulated some time after the meeting – in the case of the equality impact assessment after the initial deadline for submission of comments to the cabinet.

Economic Impact Assessment Presentation 21.01.2016

Air Quality Modelling Presentation 21.01.2016


Members of the Partnership Board were invited to submit final comments for consideration by the Cabinet. On behalf of ETRA we submitted the following responses, based on the presentation at the Partnership Board (this was a joint submission with the RNIB representative to the Partnership Board) and then, once the equality impact analysis report arrived on the 8th February, in response to that document.


ETRA submission CE Enfield Town

ETRA Appendix A105 pEIA

The minutes of the Cabinet Meeting were published on Monday 21st February. You can read them here: cabinet minutes and here’s what FERAA said on residents’ behalf at the meeting: FERAA Deputation To Cabinet Feb 11 ref Cycle Enfield


The consultation on the Cycle Enfield proposals for Enfield  Town and Southbury Road closed on the 18th December and it took until the middle of January for the council to release the results. These showed 58.9% of participants were against Options 1 and 2 (that’s options 1 and 6a as were) and 40. 4% in favour. Sadly the vote in Southbury Road has gone against residents there, where 58% of participants voted in favour of the scheme.

Following publication of the results of the Enfield Town Mayor Boris Johnson was quoted in the Enfield Advertiser as saying he hoped that residents could be persuaded of the merits of the scheme. We suggested that residents write to Mr Johnson to express their views of the scheme. Thank you to all of you who wrote to the Mayor and forwarded copies of your letters to ETRA. You can read the email that ETRA sent to the Mayor here: ETRA email to Mayor

Enfield finally published the breakdown of the results of the Enfield Town and Southbury Road consultations on the 24th February. You can see them here: ESSP940 Enfield Town Summary of Consultation  ESSP940 Southbury Rd Summary of Consultation

In case you need a reminder of what is wrong with the Enfield Town proposals you can see the guide to the plans for Enfield Town that we produced here:  GUIDE_TO_ENFIELD_TOWN_OCTOBER_2015 .

You can read the draft report from the road safety analysis we commissioned here: ROAD SAFETY REPORT DRAFT 

LBE report on Town Centre Management Strategy

You might be interested in this report the Council published on the Town Centres Management Strategy. In particular you may like to ‘compare and contrast’ the recommendations made in this report (informed by research) on how to help regenerate our town centres, and those that are planned under the ‘Cycle Enfield’ initiative. You can download the report here: http://www.enfield.gov.uk/downloads/file/11404/framework_for_the_management_of_enfields_town_centres

Are you interested in joining the Friends of Town Park?

The Friends actively support Enfield to improve the facilities available in Town Park. You can contact the Friends on friendsofenfieldtownpark@gmail.com